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3D Graphics and animation, vfx, modeling and rigging, freelance studio, cartoon character models | Marek Kotala 
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| Thank you for your endurance with my worse English language.

3D Graphics
Description: It is a specialy section in PC world, where you can working in big studios as 3D modeller, 3D cartoon film maker or another specialist to 2D/3D graphic. In basic thing you can do modeling, animation, texturion or anoothers professions.
Me:  I am working as 3D Graphis from my 12 years old. I started working in 3D bryce (as 3D graphics) and it was my hobbies first. Then I go on to 3Ds Max and I working as freelancer in this 3D graphic program today.

Description: Animation  is a simply motion maked in this case on the computer in specific 3D graphic program. You can move with character, things or special efects (VFX). Organics or Anorganics models? Every model is different. Difficulty or Easy bud every model you can animated. For organics modeling and animation you can use bones and skin or physiq modificator for example. But for every one models are basic know words as Keyframing, Frame and Time Line for example.
Me:  When I was start studying a computer graphic on Graphic Aplyed Cybernetic Hight School I started studying movement and animation complexly too.

How to start modeling, lighting and rendering good work? Basic rules for start excelent 3D work is starting to study 3D Mesh of the concrete models. Modeling are description form of the basic 3D models.

Rendering is the final proces of your work. With the help CPU computering and 3D computer program you have a quality scene in finale. Bud 3D rendering is so diffucult and every rendering software is different to use and setting.


3D graphic and animations | vizualization | cartoon characters modeling and animation | FreeLancer for your 3Ds Max game and video project